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Ubisoft’s assembling for an Avengers game

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Yesterday, Darryn put up a video detailing what he thought would make for the perfect Avengers game. As if the universe was listening, an official Avengers game has been announced. Made by Ubisoft and titled “Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth,” the game will be coming sometimes around September.

It’s probably not what Darryn was hoping for.

Why not?

In development at Ubisoft Quebec, the game is “inspired by iconic Marvel comic artwork and the Secret Invasion storyline.” Ok, that sounds cool. Having actually enjoyed The Avengers (I’m not big on super-hero flicks, or super-heroes in general, really) I’d be on board for a kick-ass hero game.  

“Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth features 20 different characters, including Avengers such as Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor, as well as other fan-favorite super heroes and super villains from the Marvel Universe,” explained Marvel. Great. Still sounds fantastic to me.

But wait! What’s that? It’s coming to The Wii U and Xbox Kinect only? What? WHAT?

“The idea that we’re making a motion-control version of The Avengers is a unique proposition if you compare that to superhero games of the past,” said Ubisoft vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key.

Unique….and terrible. Honestly, as poor as SEGA’s super-hero games have been for the last few years, I’d rather they handled the Avengers videogame if we’re just going to be getting some terrible motion-controlled nonsense.

Last Updated: May 11, 2012

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