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Ubisoft’s giving away games if you buy The Witcher 3 from uPlay

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PC gamers hate any sort publisher-mandated DRM solution that isn’t Steam, and they generally hate using other launchers and digital shops – especially uPlay and Origin. There’s a pretty compelling reason to buy The Witcher 3 from uPlay if you haven’t got the game yet though; Ubisoft is giving gamers a few extras.

First off, according to uPlay the Witcher 3 will activate through GoG, so it should be the DRM-free version and won’t require uPlay to be running for the game to work. You will, however need uPlay for the games that Ubisot is giving away free.

In the US, people who buy The Witcher 3 from Ubisoft’s digital stores will get Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, The Crew, Watch Dogs and Child of Light for free. That’s three full AAA games, and one indie-ish (and the best of the lot) for the price of nothing. The deal is a little different in European regions though with the free games on offer perhaps appealing more to euro-centric tastes.

European Witcher 3 buyers get Black Flag, Might and Magic X Legacy (SE), Might and Magic Heroes V: Shades of Darkness, Anno 2770 and the underappreciated Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

It’s a pretty nice deal, though because we’re lumped with Europeans, we’d have to buy the bundle and pay Euros. 60 Euros is a heck of a lot of Randelas.

Beyond that, it all seems like a bit of desperation from uPlay – like they’re screaming for people to please use our platform!

Last Updated: May 21, 2015

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