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Ubisoft’s gorgeous Outland, coming soon!

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I have to commend Ubisoft. Of late, not only have they been publishing the expected AAA titles and their unashamed shovelware crap – they’ve also been taking a few risks with new, interesting IP’s that aren’t sure-fire money makers – but that have much potential for awesome. One such game is the incredibly beautiful platformer, Outland – from Super Stardust and Dead Nation developer Housemarqe.

It’s an intriguing  game we told you about some months ago; a platformer that combines the aesthetics of Flashback, with the core mechanics of Treasure’s…treasured bullet-hell shooter, Ikaruga. Well, after months and months of waiting, the game is nearly upon us, hitting the PSN on April 26, and XBLA the next day. It’ll set you back just 800 MSP, or R95.. Did I mention co-op?

Instant purchase for me; what do the rest of you think?

Check out the trailer after the jump, and let us know!

Last Updated: April 14, 2011

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