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Ubisoft’s We Dare Invokes Parent Outrage

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Ubisoft’s seminal (Ha!) adult-oriented, partner and body fluid swopping party game We Dare is so sensational it was hailed, by Lazygamer staff, as the greatest thing to happen to videogames since primates developed opposable thumbs.

Unsurprisingly, It’s garnered the very opposite reaction from parents, outraged at the game’s racy and suggestive content – oblivious to the fact that their own teenagers are probably engaging in exponentially more lurid activities.

Laura Pearson, a 52 year old from , Birmingham, as quoted by Britain’s most read tabloids said: "I have a 13-year-old daughter and if I knew she was playing such a highly charged sexual game with boys, I would be appalled. "It is encouraging under-age sex. The video pretty much shows them swapping partners, girl-on-girl kissing. That kind of thing is not something that young teenagers should be exposed to. Nintendo Wii’s are family consoles popular among children and youngsters. This is totally inappropriate."

George Hardy, a 46-year-old father, said: "No wonder we have problems in society with unsafe sex and under-age sex when kids can get hold of games like this. This sort of computer game will only serve to fuel sexual tensions and, in a worse-case scenario, sexual touching or assault.Imagine a room of testerone-fuelled teenagers playing this, something could get out of hand. It sounds drastic but I could see it."

In my experience, teenagers will get up to no good, with or without the aid of “titillating” mini games. Back in my day, it was “veracity or provocation” and “oscillate the flagon of mead,” but I’m old. Really, really old. I have no idea what the sort of shenanigans the sexually-charged youth of today get up to.

Source : CVG

Last Updated: February 28, 2011

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