UFC on Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 version 2 to 1 in May

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To UFC, or not to UFC? This has been the question on many peoples minds since the game was first shown off, especially because it is looking so good, and Fight Night Round 4 isn’t quite here yet.

Well if the May NPD’s are anything to go by, it seems like that answer is the former. UFC 2009 has, in total on both platforms, sold just over a million copies in May, destroying everything else out there.

The interesting thing, is that the Xbox 360 version sold more than double the amount that the PS3 version did. Why did the PS3 version suffer in comparison?

I have a few theories about why though. First of all, the Playstation 3, just like Alphaville (look it up), is big in Japan. UFC on the other hand, is not, so it makes sense that there would be way more support for the game from the American market, which has a lot of Xbox 360’s in it.

My other theory, is that everyone with a PS3 was playing Infamous instead. Make sense, yes, no? What do you guys think?

Last Updated: June 12, 2009

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