Ultra Street Fighter 4’s latest patch isn’t fixing the biggest problem with the game

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Ultra Street Fighter 4  on the PlayStation ain’t exactly as ultra as you’d expect it to be. On paper, it should have been a simple port: One of the most revered fighting games of the previous gaming generation, geared and tuned up for life on current consoles and ready to kick ass at fighting tournaments. But in its current state, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is more broken than the Zimbabwean economy. Fortunately, there’s a patch out today for the game. A patch which should fix the game up to tournament standards. Hopefully. Right?

Here’s the full patch notes from Capcom and Sony, which say nothing about the biggest problem with the game so far: Increased input latency. In a fighting game scene where a split-second can make or break a match, that’s one massive problem.

  • Reduce interface lag within menus
  • Addressed disappearing projectiles
  • Fixed Decapre’s teleport animation
  • Fixed Rolento’s audio glitch (during victory screen)
  • Fixed missing SFX for Red Focus attack
  • Fixed Akuma’s stomp SFX not playing
  • Addressed bottom portion of the ON/OFF text being cutoff under the graphics settings in the Options menu
  • Removed extra character ¦ that was sometimes displayed in Leaderboards at the end of a player’s name even if they have not set it to be there
  • Fixed issue when seeking an Arcade match-up with LAN cabled disconnected and then starting up training results in a message ID being displayed
  • Addressed Online IDs not appearing correctly
  • Addresses issue when changing the HP bar’s HUD position in Options, the Online ID HUD position does not move with it and is displayed at the default position
  • Anisotropic Filtering (AF) changes to decrease blur
  • Fixed appearance of white box after backing out of a command list menu
  • Addressed Fight Request issue in Arcade Mode

In its current state, Ultra Street Fighter 4 was pretty much damn unplayable on the pro fighting game scene. Laggy input, missed frames and dropped attacks resulted in the biggest fighting tournament of the year, EVO 2015, dropping the game in favour of the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter 4. And that’s a delicious slap in the face with an extremely tiny sausage, as the PS4 version of the game was meant to replace the last-gen versions. Well, at least until Street Fighter V eventually pops up.


Last Updated: June 4, 2015

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