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Ultra Street Fighter IV Gameplay Trailer

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A brand new trailer for the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV has been released and it looks just like Street Fighter IV with a few new game modes…

Street Fighter IV has been the game I believe was milked the most in the last generation with the constant slight releases the game has received over the years. But you dare not say that the Street Fighter fans who will go all Ryu on your ass while defending what they classify as the very best fighting mechanic that exists.

Where's the feminist uprising about this?

But even as jaded as I am I can see some great new additions to the game with this Ultra update.

The team based addition (Elimination) is a fantastic new mode stolen from many other fighting games and the new combos (Ultra Combo Double) and blocks (Red Focus) will likely bring a smile to all the SF fans on the planet.

And the last addition is online training so you can now train against anyone in the world and practice those all important moves while not having to worry about depleting health.

Like I said these are great new additions but in all honestly how did team battles and online practice not always exist?

Also is there anyone else out there who desperately wants to see a Street Fighter V with a modern graphical style and some brand new characters instead of slight improvements year after year?

Last Updated: December 18, 2013

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