Unboxing and building the starter set for LEGO Dimensions

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If you’ve played one LEGO game, you’ve played them all. It’s a mantra that I’ve echoed this several times before across a wide range of LEGO game reviews, but that doesn’t always mean that it’s a bad thing. Especially with a franchise that is designed to appeal to children. What that means, is that you have an audience that is always prepared to play whatever you throw at them.

Hell, I’ve been jamming Pokémon for way too long now as it is, and look how much that series has evolved its core mechanics over the last two decades. Anyway, if you’ve played one LEGO game then you can pretty much pick up and play any of the titles developed by TT Games. Smash blocks, collect studs and save the day. Easy stuff, all built on a line of toys that are right now a more valuable investment than actual gold or shares of company stock, I crap thee not.

And that’s the key appeal here with LEGO Dimensions. It’s not just toys to life. It’s toys to life that you build along the way. And no matter how old you are, building LEGO is always fun. And here we have LEGO Dimensions, which is finally available locally. So what’s it like building the starter set? It’s so easy, even an infant can have it done within minutes.


If only I was that intelligent. Ha! Self-burn! I just made myself sad. Jokes aside, here’s a quick unboxing and build I did of the LEGO Dimensions starter set, which features the best Batman: LEGO Batman.

I’ve got some more LEGO Dimensions stuff to show off before its released locally on September 9, as we got given a few of the add-on characters and playsets. Parents, prepare yourselves in case your kids are addicted to these games, as these kits will most likely have junior going mental for them soon enough.

Last Updated: September 2, 2016

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