Uncharted 3 on Xbox 360?

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According to a job posting on the Naughty Dog website they are looking for a cross platform Lighting Artist, so important is the cross platform part that they have decided to select only that line for the special bold treatment.

So does this mean we can expect Uncharted 3 to land on the PC and Xbox 360?

In short, No… in long, well you never know but I severely doubt it.

Naughty Dog is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment and the chance of Sony allowing one of their most exciting exclusives to land on the Xbox 360 is about as likely as a snow party in hell.

Which does lead us to wonder why Naughty Dog are looking for a cross platform Lighting Artist, could they be looking at breaking into the PC market or is it simply just that they want someone with wide ranging experience and this is the easiest way to do that?

Either way if you are an aspiring Lighting Artist then drop them a mail and lie your way in, it’s what everyone else is doing anyway.

Source: Naughty Dog Website via kokugamer

Last Updated: August 3, 2010

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