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Uncharted 4 is a “wide linear” game

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Yesterday, we showed you some screenshots that had prematurely escaped the embargo that Sony Interactive Entertainment had set for Uncharted 4 previews. Later yesterday, videos from those preview events showed just how incredible Uncharted 4 is shaping up to be.

But before we get to the delicious footage, here’s what those who’ve been all handsy with Uncharted 4 have to say.

On the subject of the vehicular sections, IGN says that terrain you traverse is “part of the engagement.”

“While there might be some situations where persistence and messing with video game physics allows you to cross seemingly insurmountable areas, the section of Uncharted 4 that I played in a vehicle felt as authentic to the experience of driving an actual 4×4 as one could imagine. The surfaces you drive over react to your vehicle; mud, in this area, proved to be especially tricky.”

Gamespot, meanwhile, says that Uncharted 4 borrows from The Last of Us. “Uncharted 4’s action seems to take cues from The Last of Us, mainly by adding optional stealth mechanics,” the site says.

“Drake will regularly be outgunned by rival treasure hunter Rafe Adler and mercenary leader Nadine Ross, so these new mechanics should equip players with the tools they need to take advantage of the game’s larger areas and gain the upperhand before opening fire. Among these tools: enemies now have awareness indicators that appear above their heads when Drake is sneaking. If the indicator fills all the way, that enemy becomes suspicious and will start actively searching the area. If he spots you, expect all hell to immediately break loose.”

Ars Technica says it looks incredible. “And while Uncharted has always been a looker of a series, the bump from PS3 to PS4 is unmistakable. View distances are staggering, and the mountain environment I explored offered a good mix of reflection and particle effects in the mud.”

Take a look at it in action for yourself.

Last Updated: April 5, 2016

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