Unemployed, Ridiculed lawyer attempts to belittle people…

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Unemployed, Ridiculed lawyer attempts to belittle people… 2

Good old Jack, you can always count on the delusional to help you out in your time of need.

My time is now seeing that Geoff and Nick are both out of action and it being a seriously slow news week, however Jack is here to save the day.

Apparently he has moved to mormon country to try and get a bill passed through the American state government to make it illegal for shops to sell aged restricted merchandise to juveniles…

Now if it was any normal person we would just smile and wave and quietly remind them that this was law already, but being Jack we need to make a bit more of a scene and see if we can get him to froth at the mouth a bit.

You know I think we are all going to miss Jack when he is finally put out to pastor…

If anyone wants to know what Jack is currently rambling on about then head on over to Gamepolitics.com and take a look.

Last Updated: February 13, 2009

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