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Unlike Geoff – Kinect Doesn't Want You Lying Down

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We have mentioned previously that the Kinect motion controller camera system thingy already has issues detecting people who are sitting down. This becomes a problem in the world of lazy-ass people like us.

What about lying down though? I saw some news flying around the internet about Kinect having serious issues with people lying down, and it reminded me of a rather significant event that took place in the Microsoft Kinect booths at E3.

We had a little bit of an epic fail moment, and it didn’t go down well with anyone.

During our tour of the Microsoft Kinect rooms, each with their own game, we were busy having a go at… I believe it was Kinectimals, when something went wrong. One of the journalists in the booth with us was doing as instructed by the Kinect folks, until things kind of broke.

He was asked to lay on the floor so that the Kinectimal would see what he was doing and mimic the action. Unfortunately, after already having to make himself look like a tool by lying down on the the floor in booth with windows to the public, the Kinectimal just sat there, staring at him.

The demo dudes asked him to do it again, which he did but alas, nothing. They then asked him to do it one more time and by this point, he was getting a little annoyed. He tried it one more time, and it still didn’t work and the guy eventually just got frustrated and annoyed, got up and just kind of told them he was over it.

An awkward moment indeed, not to mention a bit of an issue for Microsoft.

Apparently, just like with the seated position, Microsoft are saying that it will be possible as long as the developers design their game with those positions in mind. The good news is that the developers can do it themselves and aren’t limited to a set system, the bad news is that this should all just kind of work already, shouldn’t it?

You can read more about this in an interview with The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout developer Blitz Games, through the link below.

Source: IndustryGamers

Last Updated: July 15, 2010

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  1. Gavin Mannion

    July 15, 2010 at 22:52

    Well on one side the developers asking him to lie down kind of proves that they expected it to work so it must be possible… but yeah it would have been better if it had actually worked.


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