No PS4 stock constraints?

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So, after claiming that demand might outstrip supply, it has now emerged that Sony is allowing unlimited pre-orders for the PS4 at GameStop.  Normally, each store is allocated a certain number of units – it appears that Sony is lifting all restrictions on pre-orders.

In a memo leaked to GameTrailers, GameStop stores received the following information:

Starting now, through this weekend and until further notice, Sony has allowed us to take unlimited preorders beyond your current allotments. In other-words, the flood gates are open for PS4 system reserves, we will let you know when to stop preordering based on limited quantities.

So, flood gates are open, yet Sony is worried about demand exceeding supply.  Not too sure about this mixed message.  Perhaps it’s a way for GameStop to get all the PS4s out there and ensure that they are the only suppliers.  Or maybe it’s a sign that they have actually ramped up the manufacture of the PS4 and we won’t need to worry about issues with supply.  Hope they learned their lesson after the PS3 ran low on stock at launch.

I also find it amusing that the very next section in the memo reminds sales people not to over reserve the Xbox One.  Are we expecting high demand or low supply?  Either way, I still think it’s a good idea to pre-order your next-gen console; who knows how many units will be available in South Africa and I don’t want to be left without one.

Last Updated: June 25, 2013

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