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Unlock achievements for watching TV?!

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You know how the new Xbox One isn’t just a gaming console?  Well, apparently Microsoft REALLY wants you to watch TV, and has even applied for a patent on TV achievements.

Some of the achievements might be viewing particular events, or watching an entire series.  This can help with advertising – if you know people will watch the entire season of a show, you can charge more for ad spots.  But it goes beyond that!

Microsoft also envisioned using the Kinect motion-sensing camera in tandem with this system. For example, achievements may be tied to viewers performing specific actions while they watch a show. The system can make sure the user is simply in the room while it plays, or it can tell the user to hold up a specific product. The camera would then scan the item held up and reward the user with an achievement.

So, it’s not enough for me to watch some crappy movie.  Now the product placement will be in my own hands!  And they can make sure I actually stay in the room and watch every second of the intended program.  Considering they can detect my heartbeat, I wonder if they will penalise me for falling asleep.

All just seems a bit too creepy for me.  But maybe I’m reading too much into it.  Everyone likes unlocking achievements – it will probably work well for Microsoft.  Just weirds me out!

What TV based achievement would you like to earn?

Last Updated: May 27, 2013

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