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Unreal Tournament Competition – Winners Announced

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Unreal Tournament III Pack Shot By Philip Dunkley

Okay, so the winners of this competition have finally been selected, and as we did not release them on a daily basis, except for day one, I will apologise for this. It was purely due to the number of entries, and I had to go through them rather carefully, as some of them were rather lengthy and amusing.

The way I judged these were purely from an entertaining point of view, and there were some pretty entertaining ones.

As we all already know, koldFU5iON, was the winner of Day 1, so I will now release the winners of the subsequent days, and then release the two overall winners, so here goes:

Day 1: koldFU5iON (aka Devon Stanton)
Day 2: Janrik Oberholzer
Day 3: SlipperyMadFrog (aka Pieter Kachelhoffer)
Day 4: Ryan vdh (Please give me a name dude)

Overall Winners:
koldFU5iON (aka Devon Stanton) and Ryan vdh

So congratulations to all, and thank you to everyone that entered, this was quite a cool competition that was really well supported. So to give you guys a taste of what the points was that got these guys to win the comp, it ranged from blowing of my head, literally (koldFU5iON), being addicted to Tik (SlipperyMadFrog), actually using a game to pass matric (Janrik) and just plain felling sorry for someone who gave up his beer and PC just to buy a 360, and suffering with one game, namely Frogger (Ryan).

Please can you guys shoot me your postal addresses and details, and I’ll get this off to you guys ASAP.

Once again, thanks to Ster Kinekor for sponsoring the prizes, you rock.

Last Updated: July 14, 2008

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