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Update: All new Xbox 360’s will be matte

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Geoff posted up about the new 250Gb matte Xbox 360 just over a week ago but there is some new information out now that we didn’t know then so this is an update.

As he pointed out then the, Microsoft will be releasing a new Xbox 360 but the only change to it is that instead of that sexy gloss finish that we currently have the new 250Gb Xbox 360 will have a matte finish just like the current 4G one.

Well now Microsoft has announced that all future Xbox 360’s will have this matte finish and the glossy ones are now totally collectors items… okay that’s not really true but if you want it to be it can.

Apparently they may keep the ability to glossify a console for limited edition runs but apart from that matte is the future.

It’s nothing really exciting but it’s news and I really wanted to re-use Geoff’s awesome header image that he didn’t get enough love for last time.. that and if you want a glossy Xbox 360 then go buy it now.

Last Updated: August 15, 2011

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