Update on Xbox 360 design failures

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So it looks like my previous report on all the 360’s manufactured having a design issue seems to have hit a nerve.

A large majority of people have claimed that I am just making things up and not reading the source properly, there was a great chance of that happening as it was just a quick article that I sent out. So this morning I have been trying to track down the transcript of that conference call to see how the claim of all the Xbox 360’s being defective came about.

Thanks to Joystiq.com for the transcript

Robbie Bach: You should think of this as an issue that’s Microsoft’s responsibility. The partners who have done assembly and component work for us have done good work; we’re very proud of working with them; we’re going to continue to work with them. So you should think of it as a Microsoft design issue. Again, since it’s multiple things, I hate to even point at design. To get at the heart of your question, it’s really our responsibility, not anybody else’s.

Basically what he is saying is that there is a fault in the design and manufacture of the Xbox 360. This cannot only apply to some of the 360’s. This is inherently a problem with all of them then.

Now before you start frothing at the mouth again this does not mean all Xbox 360’s will fail, It just means that all Xbox 360’s manufactured before this problem was found (We are guessing May) have a higher chance of failing.

This is not news, the reports of failure rates hitting 30-60% are all over the Internet.

I love my 360 and have never had a problem with it however I am not blind to the fact that it may fail at any time which is very annoying.

To the people who complained about Microsoft not repairing their Xbox 360’s for free I can’t really help you. In South Africa we get our machines replaced the same day if we have a problem. I just take it back to the retailer and swap it out.

Last Updated: July 14, 2007

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