Uplay survives DRM lawsuit

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Uplay is watching

Most people are excited about the games coming from Ubisoft. People enjoyed Watch Dogs and are amped for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry iterations. Of course, everyone hates that horror which is Uplay – and not even a court case could kill it.

Over in the US of A, the land of the lawsuits, patent infringement claims were leveled against Uplay. Strangely enough, it wasn’t alleging that they were doing something wrong by doing digital rights management (DRM), but rather that the way they were doing it was already patented. That’s right, the suit alleged that Digital Reg of Texas LLC had patented the technology that dealt with:

“regulating” access to, “tracking” access after distribution, “delivering” and “securing” or encrypting content covered by digital rights management (DRM) technology that restricts access to copyrighted material

The case was dismissed during summary judgement for “several reasons”, each dealing with the different patents. One of which, was because Valve was previously named in the suit but licensed the patents for use on Steam. Yes, the court ruled that Ubisoft was “immune from an infringement suit” because it was already covered by Valve’s settlement agreement.

Beyond all the legal mumbo jumbo, basically what it boils down to is that Uplay isn’t going anywhere – Ubisoft has the rights to the DRM software and will continue to track and regulate your access to the games. Now we just have to hope that they only fought the legal battle on principle, and not because they’re hoping to carry on using it.

Unlikely, I know, but we can dream.

Last Updated: July 2, 2014

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