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Uriel’s Gift may be Destiny 2’s best weapon for PVP

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Destiny 2 Uriel's Gift (1)

You’re whipping past a corner in the Vostok caves. You’re on route to Point B, a fellow Warlock at your side and you’re ready to take a round of Control. When all of a sudden, death from from afar. A quick death as well, one that saw a dozen rounds injected into your face before you could blink. It’s a fatal case of elemental lead that keeps finding its mark again and again as you struggle to maintain the pace, eventually leading to your demise.

What the hell, maaaaan? Chances are, that you just fell victim to one of the best PVP guns in Destiny 2: Uriel’s Gift.

A quick glance at this Omolon autorifle, and it looks like a standard legendary lead-sprayer. Uriel’s Gift may tow the line of being an energy weapon, but its impact, handling and magazine seem pretty much average within Destiny 2’s larger meta-game. Where Uriel’s Gift truly distinguishes itself, is in the fact that it happens to be an autorifle with the range of a sniper rifle.

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For a weapon of its category, Uriel’s Gift has an ungodly range to it. Hell, the damn thing can shoot bullets further than most of my scout rifles, and it even tops my Exotic DARCI sniper death-dealer in terms of stats. You’ve also got to understand that in Destiny 2, there is a ceiling to just how far a bullet can fly before it begins to drop off and deal less damage.

Intrinsically, you’re also experimenting with a game that favours giving its guardians a larger health pool to draw from, creating an environment where it’s not just the quickest reflexes that can win a match but also how you can respond to threats. Unlike Call of Duty or Counterstrike, Destiny 2 likes to give Guardians enough health to not die within a single burst of SMG fire.

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With the 4v4 factor of each Crucible map, you’re also factoring in how Guardians need to operate as teams. Unlike Destiny 1, going for a lone wolf run is far more suicidal and heavily discouraged. Point is, is that Uriel’s Gift plays to Destiny 2’s strengths. Combined fire is always preferred, but being able to do so over a distance with a shield-sapping energy legendary?

That’s probably why a good portion of your deaths can be attributed to this single gun. I know a lot of people swear by MIDA Multi-Tool, and I cannot fault that stapler of death. In a shooting contest, MIDA definitely has an edge that puts it above Uriel’s Gift. In other aspects of the Crucible however, Uriel’s Gift trumps it. It’s massively effective at medium to long-range, frees up your inventory for a deadlier Exotic in your Kinetic or Heavy slots and it doesn’t require embarking on a mammoth quest to find.

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As a mid-impact autorifle, Uriel’s Gift also chucks in a few additional bonuses. Your first tap of the trigger is always going to give you a boost of extra accuracy and there’s a flinch effect that’ll have opposing Guardians reeling. It’s that high-caliber perk that makes Uriel’s Gift so desirable, even against the likes of the magnificent Scathelocke and Origin’s Story.

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Destiny 2’s multiplayer meta-game is still being explored, but if last week’s Iron Banner is anything to go by, then Uriel’s Gift is the most mainstream of machine guns that every serous Guardian is wielding right now. Tag team that with a MIDA Multi-Tool in your Kinetic slot, and you’ve got a setup that is perfect for any range of combat.

Last Updated: October 16, 2017


  1. So true this thing is a beast in PvP!! I accidentally dismantled it aaaand haven’t gotten a new one yet:(


  2. Admiral Chief

    October 16, 2017 at 14:00

  3. Guild

    October 16, 2017 at 15:00

    Most setups I’m running into lately are MIDA and a side-arm for close combat. Can’t remember which side-arm it is but its a quick 3 burst that eats your health.


  4. Jonah Cash

    October 17, 2017 at 06:48

    I have it and it pretty much won all my Iron Banner matches for me… Great gun!


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