US Dead Island Logo has been censored–Save the zombies

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Sometimes rating boards make you cry, especially Australians who are still stuck playing Mrs Pac-Man thanks to their nut case laws.

However at other times they are just hilarious, take for example the ESRB in America who are rumoured to be behind the change in box art for their version of Dead Island.

Take a look at the header image above, do you see why the cover had to be censored?

Well shame look at that pure zombie strung up like that, zombies are people to you know and hanging one out in public just isn’t acceptable.

So if you live in North America you are going to get this wholesome logo instead, because you know it’s far better to allow the brain eating half dead of this world to wander freely in the flowers instead of stopping them in their tracks.


Source: IGN

Last Updated: March 22, 2011

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