US Hardware & Software Sales 28th July 2007

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Sony’s price cut has had the intended affect in the US pushing PS3 sales up past the 360.

Wii 95,171
PS3 43,498
360 34,174

So they have managed to outsell the 360 by 9000 units in the last week, however the Wii is still outselling everything except it’s little brother the DS which managed a whopping 140,151 sales in 1 week. Truly amazing…

When we look at software the 360 is still leading the next-gen race with 485,892 followed by the Wii with 401,386 and the PS3 is bringing up the rear with 202,683… However Sony won’t be to upset since the PS2 is winning the software sales with an amazing 701,394 units sold in one week. 

Link to Video Game Chartz – Nintendo – Sony – Microsoft – American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: August 2, 2007

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