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US Marines Shoot RROD’ed Xbox 360, Shouting “F#*% You, Microsoft!”

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Well someone’s not happy. That someone happens to actually be a group of US Marines overseas who weren’t very happy to find out that their Xbox 360 had fallen victim to the infamous Red Ring Of Death.

Since getting it repaired was a bit of a tall order, they decided to do a little repairing themselves, with some very large and very real firearms. As if unleashing a couple zillion rounds of ammo into an Xbox 360 wasn’t already a big enough insult to Microsoft, one of the Marines kicks off the massacre with a loud and proud “F#*% You, Microsoft!”.

Firstly, yes, Marines do get Xboxes. Second, no, I don’t know if they play Call of Duty right before going out on real missions. Three, don’t they have better things to do than waste ammo (money) on a console that clearly needed no assistance in destroying itself in the first place?

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Last Updated: October 25, 2010

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