US Sales Figures – 9th Feb 2008

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So after yesterdays European sales figures got such a great response lets move that conversation over to this latest batch of US sales figures.

Hardware (% change since last week)
Wii  – 216,157 (157%)
360 –   92,257 (40%)
PS3 –   63,383 (19%)

So everyone made gains this week but wow what happened with the Wii? There wasn’t even a big game released for the Wii in this week?

Wii  – 1,273,897
360 – 1,180,381
PS3 –    555,601

So once again the PS3’s software figures are lagging horribly behind the other two….

As for Devil May Cry 4 which had it’s US release this week, well the 360 version sold around 100 000 copies more than the PS3 version.

With the 360 seemingly comfortably in the lead in the US and the PS3 always beating the 360 in Japan it does appear that Europe will be the battleground this year and what is one of the biggest games in Europe? Grand Theft Auto which the 360 has exclusive content for… will it count for anything?

[Yes the Wii is winning everywhere but that’s not news :)]

VG Chartz | American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: February 13, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Banana hammock

    The Wii sells every unit it ships, so they obviously shipped more units in that week.

  • Fox1

    Wow! The 360 has been around in the U.S. for almost two years and it’s still selling good!

    I believe the U.S. will always be the battleground. Why? Because take a look at the sales figures for all the consoles in the U.S. and you will see that each console has it’s most sales in the U.S.. Thats one country compared to Europe(one continent). And one thing I admire about the U.S. is that their consumers exercise their buying power. If they only supported American companies then Apple would be ruling the PC industry and Toyota/Lexus would not have overtaken GM. And, the Wii would not be the biggest selling console.

  • doobiwan

    Also consider those Wii software stats include Wii Sport and Wii Play (wiimote packin) and Links Xbow thing (zapper packin) So the ‘real’ software sales are about 400k less than listed.

    What I find more interesting that you haven’t included is the PS2 sales. (about the same as PS3) It makes it pretty official we’re over the transition. PS2 is now “last gen”.

  • JP

    I think the big jump in Wii sales is a response to the imminent launch of brawl.

  • Fox1

    @doobiwan- Well spotted 🙂

  • AveshR

    While we counting sales of consoles in other markets, I think if we could get xbox live and good marketing strategies for all 3 platforms in SA then sales could get interesting locally…

    @LazySAGamer – could you get us local sales figures???

  • LazySAGamer

    @Avesh, I really am trying but it’s more complicated than expected…

    A rough round up however is that the 360 has the largest base, the PS3 is catching up and the Wii had the best Q4 of 2007…

    Someone mentioned figures of
    360 – 70 000
    PS3 – 30 000
    Wii – 25 000

    But they have not been verified yet at all

  • AveshR

    Thanks LazySAGamer 😀

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