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US Sales for the last week

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The latest sales are in for the week ending the 19th of January and so far this year it seems to be the 360 which is leading the pack on all counts….

The lack of Wii sales is starting to become a trend…

360 – 70,769
Wii  – 55,141
PS3 – 47,536

360 – 805,220
Wii  – 722,008
PS3 – 347,921

Another interesting statistic is the placement of the platforms top unbundled games.

The Wii is leading all the other games with its Super Mario Galaxy moving 82,379 units, The 360’s top game is coming second with COD4 moving 71,689 units and the top PS3 game is also COD4 but is only placed in 18th position with 28,167 units sold.

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Last Updated: January 24, 2008

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