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Use vehicles for land, air and sea in exclusive hands-on gameplay of Skylanders: SuperChargers

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Skylanders hot streak

Skylanders: SuperChargers is the latest and greatest Skylanders game. But what more can they do to bring toys to life? It’s already been done, right? Well, no. Now your favorite toy car/plane/ship can come to life with unique gameplay in SuperChargers.

I got to go hands on with the all new Skylanders thanks to a fun media morning at Megarom. The basic idea is one that’s familiar by now – the beautifully crafted toys can be placed on the portal where they come to life in the game. This can be done on the fly and improvements or leveling are stored in the toy so when you take it to a friend’s house your uniquely upgraded character or vehicle can come with you. I got to play with each of the new kinds of vehicles and the levels really are a ton of fun.

First up, my worst venture – flying. Warning, I am terrible with vehicles in general in games. Thankfully, Skylanders is built for kids so they make it a bit easier. However, with inverted controls, my brain was fighting me throughout flying the Sky Slicer:

Next up was some time with the car, Hot Streak. Thanks to matching the vehicle with a character who shares the same colors and characteristics, it went supercharged. What I particularly enjoyed with this level was the skateboarding feel at the end.

Finally, my favorite, possibly because I just loved the toy so much – Reef Ripper. Aquatic gameplay has some fun maneuvering. I might not have done it particularly well this time, but it was enough fun that I’d actually be keen to give it another shot and see if I could snag even more cogs (or are they gears?).

Skylanders SuperChargers is releasing 25 September, so parents, prepare your wallets. At least it’s releasing on payday, right? The vehicles definitely add something new to the game, and I’m curious how much longevity they can add to the game. Will this be the best new Skylanders game in years? I think the toys are more interesting than anything we’ve seen in recent Skylanders, so that’s a big plus. I’d want to play with that car and nautilus even without the portal to put them in game.

Last Updated: July 29, 2015


  1. RinceThis

    July 29, 2015 at 12:43

    Gamer who can’t do FPS or vehicles? I suppose there is always Chess? *RUNS


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