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Valheim has sold 6.8 million copies, continues to be massive success

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Valheim kicked down the door and took everyone by surprise when it launched in early 2021. The Viking-themed survival game was met by a swarm of would-be Drengr, racking up over 1 million players just a week after launch. While that influx of users has slowed in recent months, it’s certainly still proving to be a massive success for developer Iron Gate AB. According to a recent earnings call by Embracer Group, who owns Valheim developer Coffee Stain, the game has sold 6.8 million copies since it launched five months ago. That’s… a lot of Vikings running around the place.


If that number wasn’t impressive enough for you then you might want to check out Embracer Group’s predictions for the game in the coming month. Analysts estimate that Valheim will hit 8 million copies sold by the end of June, meaning that it still has another 1.2 million units to be sold this quarter. That number may spike again when Iron Gate AD eventually releases its first major content update, Hearth and Home. No official release date has been confirmed yet but expect to see a mass return of players when it eventually drops.

Valheim Keyart Squad enjoying the vista

Valheim is a survival game that places players in the leathery boots of a Viking and tasks them with venturing forth into the great unknown to not only build a shelter and live off the land but eventually slay a set of great beasts so that they can be lifted into Valhalla. The game is available on Steam for R130 so if any of this sounds interesting to you or you’ve been living around a rock for the last five months, you know where to check.

Last Updated: May 21, 2021

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  1. Jim says ByeBye

    May 23, 2021 at 04:09

    This is actually one of those strange games that at first glance you wouldn’t think would be so great, but then you play it, and it literally sucks you in. Definitely one of this year’s favourites.


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