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Valiant Hearts Will Tug At Your Heart Strings

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We have experienced the atrocities of World War II over and over again across many different games. World War I however, does not really feature anywhere, mostly because it seems like an incredibly difficult period to capture. Valiant Hearts will capture this era though, and the art direction behind the game itself really looks great.

The game looks like it has the potential to really tug at the players heart. The trailer shows off some of the characters, most notably, a dog who features pretty strongly throughout the trailers entirety.

I can’t really convey  more though, as the trailer is something that should be watched rather than read about. Its simply beautiful and emotional. I’ve definitely got my eye on this game!


Last Updated: June 10, 2014

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  1. There is a FPS multiplayer WW1 game in development called “Verdun”.


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