Valve foretell the coming of Oracle in Dota 2

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With a map rework, new rune, and long list of balances, Patch 6.82 really changed Dota 2. It came out nearly two months ago, and everything has been left pretty much untouched since then. That won’t be the case for much longer though. There may not be any significant changes in the foreseeable future, but it looks like there definitely is a new hero. Valve have teased Oracle!

This news comes compliments of a post on their blog which details some sort of contract.

A mysterious figure, a ruthless assassin, and an infinite number of possibilities. The Foreseer’s Contract is coming soon. Head to the update page to get your first peek at a deal with incalculable ramifications, then come back next week to learn more.

The update page has a very short comic detailing a brief encounter between Mortrid (Phantom Assassin) and Oracle. Give it a quick read, it’s not long at all. If for some reason you can’t, here’s what Oracle looks like…


Mortrid was sent to kill Oracle, but he (or she?) persuaded the assassin otherwise. A contract is being forged I guess we will only know what it entails in a few days time.

Phantom Assassin is due for an arcana set, as voted for in the Compendium for this year’s The International. Is this being teased too?

Arcana perhaps

If so, that is one awesome looking fire… blade… thing? Valve will shed more light in the next few days. Their next post should contain more information on Oracle, this arcana for Mortrid, as well as some balance changes. I’m also kind of hoping that these events in the comic tie into some cool new game mode just in time for the festive season. Giving the lack of Diretide this year though, that might just be wishful thinking.

Are you excited for Oracle, or the update in general? I know I am!

Last Updated: November 17, 2014

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