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Vampires are now rapists?

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Ergh the over sexualisation of male characters in video games is getting ridiculous

It’s amazing how different people see the same experience entirely differently. At a recent press event in America for Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2, which we weren’t invited to.. tsk, a scene was showcased where you play as a withered Dracula who desperately needs to feed and the first people he comes across are a family of three.

Jason Sodano, a YouTube partner, had the following to say about the scene on twitter

But not all journalists saw it as dark, in fact Kat Bailey from USGamer seems to have taken a wrong turn somewhere and viewed an entirely different version of events.

According to Kat

“which a withered Dracula stumbled toward a family with his arms outstretched, the camera abruptly switching to a first-person perspective. He kills the father outright, then grabs the mother and sinks his fangs into her neck, draining her life energy to restore his. 

Sexualized imagery is nothing new in vampire fiction, but this scene is kind of stunning for how blatant it is with its allusions to rape. It’s a scene that forcibly reminds me of the boxart from RapeLay, down to the woman protecting her child and the disembodied arms (your arms) reaching out from the camera. Regardless of the intentions in constructing the scene, the imagery is ghastly. “

Yes you read that correctly. Kat feels that Dracula feeding on a human us akin to rape and has now labelled this game in the same vein as RapeLay where the game was about raping people.

Not fulfilled with this obscene statement she goes on to state

“So while I applaud Cox and his team for their desire to take on challenging material, I really hope they cut the Family Scene before Lords of Shadow 2 launches next month. In the end, it’s a scene that serves to trivialize sexual assault while failing to accomplish its attended goal — making us feel like Dracula is awful and evil.”

The only reason the scene doesn’t work for Kat is because it really has nothing to do with sexual assault. Yes sex has always been a large part of vampire lore but so has the fact that most vampires are portrayed as bisexual.

However this can all actually be ignored as other journalists at the same event along with the developers have come out and stated that Dracula actually feeds of each of the family members not only the woman.

Kat Bailey has definitely done herself and the developers a disservice by taking her preconceived notions into a preview and spinning something central to the idea of the true Dracula into something entirely unrelated.

I’m not a fan of the Castlevania series but this new video preview along with the dark scene above definitely has me interested in seeing what the game is all about when it gets released next month.

Last Updated: January 14, 2014

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