Vanquish To Be The Same Across Both Platforms

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Platinum Games’ Vanquish, their over-the-top, insane, slick 3rd person shooter looks pretty damned amazing so far. Platinum Games’ last gem Bayonetta was considerably worse on the PS3 than its Xbox counterpart. Considering that Vanquish’s engine is built upon the framework constructed for Bayonetta, PS3 owners have valid reasons to be wary.

According to Hideaki Nakata, responsible for tuning the engine for PS3, those fears are unnecessary.

“We also tuned the title so that if you play Vanquish on the PS3 or the Xbox 360 you should notice little to no differences. Even the developers on the Vanquish team have a hard time telling the two versions apart at a glance… So no matter which console you have, you have nothing to worry about!" said Nakata on the game’s blog

Of course, this is something jilted PS3 owners have heard before, most recently with Mafia II – claims which ended up not exactly being true.

Check out the latest trailer for the game – showcasing the game’s pre-order bonus weapon DLC – and let’s hope that Nakata is right – and that they’ve managed to achieve multiplatform parity.

Source : Platinum Games

Last Updated: August 26, 2010

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