Vehicles are your new go-to weapon in Dying Light: The Following

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Dying Light's vehicles are making The Following even better

Dying Light was a standout title in 2015, and everything that developer Techland has shown around the upcoming expansion, the Kevin Baconless The Following, seems to just build on that. The new open-world area which the expansion introduces is a little less vertical this time, which makes the inclusion of your very own tricked out buggy a smart one. Although how you use it is really going to determine if you live or not.

The buggy isn’t simple a way to get from A to B. As shown in this preview for the new ‘weapon’ (it’s that in every sense of the word) you can see how the buggy fits into the same customisable categories as your flaming machete, or electrifying garden rake. You’ll hunt for new customisation parts that fall under different tiers of rarity and durability, giving your four-wheeled trash heap a little bit of zombie bite.

It’s not just about the amount of undead heads your buggy can’t get rolling too. Producer Tymon Smekta?a stated that players will forge an emotional connection with their motorised monstrosity – even getting to adorn it with paint jobs, vinyls and decorations of their choosing.

“Your buggy is going to be crucial to surviving out in the open, so we want to create an emotional connection between players and their ride. On top of the lethal weapons and upgrades you’ll be able to add, there are a lot of cool paintjobs, a number of unmistakable bobble heads and little charms to put inside, so you can really make the buggy your own.”

Personally I really like the way players can use the buggy as almost a co-op partner in fights. Having the buggy provide a safe haven of UV light is a life saver, as is the ability to customise it with explosive counter measures. Honestly, it’s like the Batmobile of zombie games just looking at it, and The Following looks all the more enticing because of it. The expansion is out on February 9th.

Last Updated: January 15, 2016

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