Video comparison of Batman across platforms… how bad is it?

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So yesterday was Batman day and unfortunately things didn’t go quite as well as the developers would have liked with the news being headlined with stories about how bad the PC port of the game was and how uneven the the graphics were across platforms.

Well thanks to the YouTube channel Candyland we can now check out a comparison in 1080 60fps (where possible) and to be honest I’m not seeing a big enough problem with any of the platforms to really say it isn’t worth picking up on that platform.

I’ve never been overly concerned about graphics and while it is obviously important to many people I can’t say I can really see much difference in the above video.

Overall I think the PS4 appears to be the nicest version which will likely annoy the PC master race but if you are stuck with only an Xbox One I doubt you are going to be crying yourself to sleep over the slight graphical comparisons.

For those who are videolly impaired (totally a word) I’ve grabbed some screenshots for some easy comparisons.

So have you picked up your copy yet and if so how’s it working out for you?

Unfortunately our review copy didn’t arrive so we don’t have an early review but we’ll be popping out to the shop to sort that out so if you are still on the fence then I’d recommend holding out for a week or so and we’ll let you know if it really is any good at all?

Last Updated: June 24, 2015

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