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Video game pirates – not what you think.

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map When you see “Pirate” and “videogame” in the same sentence it normally recalls images of dodgy copied games and chipped systems, but not this time. This story has real pirates. As Reuters reports, increased attacks by Somali pirates around the Horn of Africa are threatening shipping routes, which could interrupt supplies of videogame hardware and software in the West.

In this case I believe the west to be Europe and not the States. Somali pirates have plagued the Horn of Africa for years, but what’s of particular concern now is that they’ve been encroaching into the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, impeding  access to the Suez Canal — a major shipping route that connects Europe to the Middle East and Asia.

It’s used by firms to transport oil, gas, coal, toys, and yes, videogames, but the attacks have gotten so frequent that firms are considering diverting shipments around Africa to the south, through the Cape of Good Hope instead. Doing so, according to PC World, could increase transit times by up to three weeks. It is up to 3 times the distance after all. If those shipments do pass around our southern corner of Africa I have to wonder if there would be a stop over and in turn we may get games quicker? Not likely I know but we can dream.

Last Updated: November 17, 2008

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