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Dress your desktop to impress with this collection of video game wallpapers

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Look at your desktop. Look at it! Amidst all the clutter of random icons for games you’ll never play, images that need to be added to a dedicated folder and a Recycle Bin screaming to be emptied, there is a wallpaper that is older than your dad jokes. Heck, I bet it’s not even optimised for a proper 1920 x 1080 display, is it?

Fret not, because the Critical Hit Extreme Desktop Makeover team is here to save the day! We’ve scoured the internet, learned a valuable lesson in keeping Google safe search options on when researching certain words and we’ve crawled out of the darkest Rule 34 forums to bring you a collection of fine art that you can peruse at your leisure. The Louvre can eat a hotly buttered croissant because we know what real art is.

Even better, you can grab a copy of any of the images you like and not be manhandled by French police who’ll bash your head in with week-old bread loaves for trying to pilfer a national treasure or two. I’ve never been to France but if Eurotrip is an accurate tour guide then I’m probably right. Anyway, knock yourselves out! Click, save and set as your new desktop background.

I’ve hopefully got something for everyone, as I’ve uploaded a mix of old and new games in this collection:

I’m already rocking a Cyberpunk 2077 wallpaper, how about you? Sound off below on which wallpaper you like the most.

Last Updated: April 3, 2020

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