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Video: Marching Band's Awesome Gaming Themed Half-Time Show

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There’s a video that’s started doing the rounds again, and even though it’s from 2007 it looks like a lot of people missed, Geoff and I sure did, so we thought it appropriate to post it up and make sure that nobody else does.

During the half-time show of a College Football game, the marching band pumps out one of the most awesome video-game inspired routines you will ever see.

Hit the jump to see the awesome routine.

0:02 pong  

0:30 tetris

1:21 mortal kombat

2:00 pokemon

2:55 legend of zelda

3:39 super mario bros main

3:59 super mario bros underground

4:24 yoshi’s island

4:50 super mario bros underwater

5:16 super mario bros end flag

Video and Timeline thanks to Garth Kaestner via Google+

Last Updated: July 27, 2011

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