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Videogames were invented by the devil

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A mom in Orange County has suddenly become an online gaming celebrity after posting an entirely serious article trying to explain why she feels that videogames were invented by the devil.

Some of the classic nuggets from the article are she always dreamed off all the neighbourhood kids crowding around her kitchen demanding she feeds them.

Her friends kid is only allowed to play the DS in the car so he sits in the car all day playing games.

A sewing machine for herself is a greater priority than getting what the kids had asked for for Christmas.

She see’s nothing wrong with the parenting of the woman who phoned 911 because her son wouldn’t go to bed.

If Sir Isaac Newton had a DS he would never have understood gravity.

Really this article just gets better and better, you just have to go give it a read.

Source: TheMomBlog

PS: I just checked her Twitter account and her son is now apparently locked up in his room because she won’t give him money to go out and play outside. The irony is not lost on me.

Last Updated: January 7, 2010

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