Volume launches 18 August on PS4, PS Vita and PC

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Thomas Was Alone got a ton of praise and launched Mike Bithell to indie superstardom. He was subsequently given free reign by PlayStation to develop his next title while getting tons of attention at Sony press conferences at E3 and Gamescom. He was even a victim of twitter stalking (by me). Now his latest trailer has a launch date and we don’t have long to wait.

Here is a new trailer showing off some gameplay and announcing the launch date.

I really like what I’ve seen of the game. It looks like an interesting take on the stealth genre, while still telling a compelling story with voice work from the incredible Andy Serkis. Of course I’ll know more once I get my hands on the actual game during E3, but this definitely gets me amped. Plus, I’m happy to see that it’s coming to PS4, Vita and Steam all the same time – I don’t like to see people missing out on games because of their platform of choice, so hopefully this reaches a bunch of gamers at launch. Plus, knowing what Mike did with Thomas Was Alone, I think it’s safe to assume that it will be coming to ever other platform soon thereafter.

The game seems to be “pretty damn good” at this point. I know that many indie developers get frustrated with the attention Mike Bithell gets, but considering how nice he is in person and via emails, as well as the generally awesome quality of his work, I think he deserves as much of the spotlight as he can grab.

Last Updated: June 10, 2015

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