Vote for Desktop Dungeons in the IGF awards

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Normally we post news articles and interesting things for you to read at your leisure but today we are starting off with something different.

We’ve told you before about the locally developed Desktop Dungeons being nominated for the IGF awards and today is your day to help the local cause.

Voting has now been opened to the public and we need you to head on over to the voting page and place your vote for Desktop Dungeons. All you need is a valid email address to make your vote count so don’t feel shy and use every email address you have to place your vote.

It’s maybe not entirely fair but the competition, Amnesia, is auto selected on the page which gives them a entirely unfair advantage.

So do the right thing for some local developers and go place your vote, it’s the right thing to do and we’ll think your extra awesome for doing it.

Also share the news with any other South Africans you know and get them to vote as well.

If you missed the link here it is again,


Oh and if you missed it here is our interview with QCF design, the makers of Desktop Dungeons

Last Updated: January 31, 2011

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