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Negotiations are currently underway for our in-house voting for awards this year. 2014 wasn’t the most impressive year for games, but we did have some gems. We know that you all think we’re idiots when we release our awards for the year, so we’re letting you be the idiots in your own category this time. I mean, um, we’re letting you have a “reader’s choice” award.

I tried to make the most comprehensive list of games that you guys might have liked this year. I apologize if I didn’t include your favourite – we really did try to have something for everyone. So, tick a box or two or five in the straw poll below.

While I have a clear winner of game of the year, there were a few contenders for runner up. It’s hard when we do these things – even just deciding our categories can be tricky. Should we have an award for most innovative? Should we combine best handheld and best mobile games? What about music and art design – there were plenty of gorgeous games this year, but is it just about the aesthetic? Which genres do we include or exclude, and how can we vote on things that only one or two of us have played?

Do you all wish that we would have more categories? How many categories before it just becomes an excuse to give every game a trophy like a horribly liberal approach to sports events in the US of A? Tell us which categories you definitely want to see so that we can willfully ignore you because we’ve already made the spreadsheet and it’s difficult to add columns.

Last Updated: December 5, 2014

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