Vrrrm Vrrrm! Check out The Chainsaw Incident!

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Chainsaw (15)

Several key moments in my life have all had one thing in common: A chainsaw was present. Whether it was dropping it from a flight of stairs on my paid-for date (BY ACCIDENT) or scaring off Yuppie kids who done come disturb me in my shack, chainsaws have and always will be an important part of my life. And now, they’re in my games.

Move aside Gears of War, because the Chainsaw Incident is going to show you how to really use that faithful tool to carve up a Puerto Rican drug dealer who dreams of the big time. That tool is the go-to weapon for The Chainsaw Incident, a new game from Crazy Piranha and Or1go. Beyond the teaser trailer and all this snazzy art, there’s not much to detail here. Check it out:

The game is looking to start a Kickstarter soon, in order to reach PlayStation 4 and PS Vita devices. It has my money like a butchered roast lamb deal at my place after I used a chainsaw to cut it.

Chainsaw (1)Chainsaw (2)Chainsaw (3)Chainsaw (4)Chainsaw (5)Chainsaw (6)Chainsaw (7)Chainsaw (8)Chainsaw (9)Chainsaw (10)Chainsaw (11)Chainsaw (12)Chainsaw (13)Chainsaw (14)Chainsaw (15)Chainsaw (16)Chainsaw (17)Chainsaw (18)Chainsaw (19)Chainsaw (20)

Last Updated: March 3, 2014

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