[Updated] Wait to update your PS3!

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Warning one and all – there appears to be a problem with the update to 4.45.  It’s not universal, yet for some people it has led to their PS3 being bricked!

The console seems to get stuck at the boot-up screen and becomes completely unresponsive.  Users reported that they couldn’t even power down properly, they were forced to unplug the system.  So, give it a few days for Sony to sort out before you update your PS3.  For some, this means playing offline, or not watching Netflix.  

Anyone need any good book recommendations?

Your other option is to use your trusty old Xbox 360 which doesn’t update automatically and has never bricked itself by updating. I’ve lost track of how many times something like this has happened to the big black box from Sony.  

Their new UI looks like a huge leap forward but can we really be sure it’s going to be as solid as it looks when they are still unable to safely release patches out into the wild?

[Update]  It seems the update is mostly affecting consoles with drives larger than 500GB, and system with user-installed drives. Further to that, Sony has taken the update offline, so you can play your PS3 without worry. If, however, you have bricked your PS3, all is not lost – you can still fix it through recovery mode, but you’ll have to wait until sony releases a newer, updated firmware. 

Last Updated: June 19, 2013

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