Want a portable PlayStation 4?

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I’m not sure if you recall the Xbook One, the rather awesome custom-built Xbox One Laptop. Its creator, Ed Zarick, stripped the insides of an Xbox One, and then stuffed them into a custom-printed case, and included a screen. Now, he’s gone and done the same with a PlayStation 4.

Dubbed the Playbook 4, you can get one of your very own, if you’re willing to part with a fair bit of cash. It’ll cost you a cool $1395 for a Playbook 4, though it’ll cost you another $50 for HDMI out, and a further $75 for US ground shipping. If you want it slight;y cheaper, and are willing to supply your own PS4 to be hacked apart, it’s yours for just $1095. You will, however, need to throw down $750 just to be on the list, such is demand.

It’s available in the traditional black, with blue embellishments, or white, with black embellishments. Unfortunately, the thing requires external power, so while it may be portable, it’s also mostly useless.

Last Updated: October 15, 2014

Geoffrey Tim

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