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Want a stand for your PS3?

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We get bombarded with random press releases on a daily basis and by bombarded I’m seriously not joking when I say I get over 200 a day so it takes something a little special to sneak through the flood.

So how you ask did a press release about a PS3 stand of all things sneak through?

Well it’s pretty simple really, it’s because I wanted to play LittleBigPlanet with the wife and for the life of me I couldn’t find my second PS3 controller in the absolutely disaster that is my lounge at the moment. Having semi-recently returned from Australia we are still trying to setup our life here and as such my HDTV is still sitting on a coolerbox in the lounge with the tools of my trade scattered around it.

And now the Xbox 360 was my first console and as such I have around 5 controllers for the thing now, then I got the Wii and with all the free controllers that you get with games I must have around 7 lying around but with my PS3 I literally only have 2 which is why losing one is such a disaster.

And which is why I want one of these, it’s called the Twistdock and it holds your PS3 and 2 controllers and will also charge your controllers while you are not using them. Because is it only me who finds the DS3’s battery sucks?

Anyway the Twistdock is available locally (not entirely sure where from) but it’s being distributed by FONET so I guess you can call them if you want one and it’s recommended retail price is R799. That’s not cheap but at the same time it does look pretty sexy.


Okay so this turned into more of a rant about my lost controller and disorganised house than a PS3 stand.. either way I still want one.

Last Updated: October 19, 2011

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