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Flying Wild Hog’s re-imagining of the classic, ultra-violent FPS Shadow Warrior was stupid. Completely stupid. That, however, was really the point of it, and it ended up being a rather enjoyable B-Grade experience of slicing up bad guys, shooting other ones, and stereotype-laden toilet humour. It was a lot of fun, not taking itself – or anything else, really- particularly seriously. And it’s getting a sequel.

Publisher Devolver Digital let the world know that it’s in for a bit more Wang via Twitter, linking to a new site for the game that gives us absolutely no information other than the fact that there’s a new one coming.

Flying Wild Hog’s re-imaging of Shadow Warrior was released on PC in 2013, and later ported to the new consoles. It’s not AAA stuff, but is a heck of a lot of mostly mindless fun, that’s definitely worth playing. It’s especially worth playing if you factor in its current price on Good Old Games: $3.99. Yes, you can get the game right now for a tenth of its usual asking price, which is less than you’d spend buying yourself lunch today.


Why not spend that money on some Wang instead?

Here’s stuff I said about the game in my review:

They’ve pretty much nailed it in their Shadow Warrior reboot. It’s all about a bad ass Asian bloke with a puerile racially charged named; Lo Wang. Though the game dispenses with much of the adolescent, stereotypically racist humour of the original, it’s still as juvenile as ever, filled with bad words, buckets of blood, bullets, and blades. And that’s probably one of its most redeeming qualities.

Last Updated: June 11, 2015

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