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Want to back a movie about video games?

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A variety of designers and developers have come together to make a movie, funded through Kickstarter.  It aims to deal with a range of topics, addressing video games as a medium.

It has already reached its target and still has 19 days to go – if they hit super targets they might even try to get Morgan Freeman to narrate!  What I found most interesting was that they take on the idea of violence in video games.  Nothing particularly new is said, but always nice to see more people trying to spread real information.

It might be an interesting movie.  I suppose I’m just tired of the misinformation and even more than that, I’m tired of games needing defence.  Games, comic books, anime, and other media are consistently dismissed and demonised.  It gets rather exhausting to constantly need to stomp our feet and say “take us seriously” – to a certain extent it needs to be done, but really makes the industry seem immature.  Hope the movie is well done; otherwise, it will just exacerbate the perception problems.

Last Updated: May 30, 2013

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