Want to see 2200 Minecraft player skins?

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Of course you do! I mean who wouldn’t? Thanks to the wonders of video editing software, Youtube and a bunch of people who probably haven’t had sex or a meaningful relationship in a very long time, you can see all 2200 in just 4 minutes! Madness! The video (after the jump, of course) borders on subliminal, so please do not blame us if you feel the urge to run outside to punch trees or something. If you do, however, then please get somebody to film it and then email it to me so that I can have a laugh.

There are a couple of doubles (if you can actually focus on them properly) but they’re all unique skins. So while you may spot more than one Isaac Clarke, a couple of Hitler skins and dozens of Marios, they’ll be unique due to the fact that they were made by different players. You can make your own skin for your Minecraft character, but you have to pay for the full version, you cheapskate.

I hope that didn’t trigger an epileptic seizure for anyone; my bad if it did.

via: Kotaku

Last Updated: December 15, 2010

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