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War is upon us in Nosgoth

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I love the Legacy of Kain universe, especially when it branched off in to Soul Reaver – so it’s quite natural that I was excited for a new entry. Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun was meant to be a primarily single player, story-based game in the series, but Square-Enix in its infinite wisdom canned the thing. 

Then, to make things even worse, they salvaged the game’s multiplayer-component  and decided it would be wise to turn that in to a free-to-play online multiplayer game. That game, Nosgoth, is now in closed alpha – so just a select few have been granted access to the online war between vampires and humans.

Nosgoth pits humans, who use a series of ranged weapons, against vampires, who need to get in for a close kill in team-based PvP combat. Both factions will feature multiple classes, each with its unique powers and abilities. Naturally, all of this can be upgraded and customised as players progress and level up. And because it’s free to play, you’ll probably be able to buy all of the good stuff thanks to the magic of microtransactions.

Square Enix, however, insists it won’t be a “pay to win,’" saying that "player skill and teamwork are the sole factors for success or failure." If you’re keen to join the test, you can sign up here. Honestly though, I think Square-Enix is just pissing away the goodwill of a great franchise.

Usual Legacy of Kain developer Crystal Dynamix have had nothing to do with this game, with work instead being undertaken by Psyonix Games, a bunch of Unreal developers who’ve helped on games like Bulletstorm, Homefront, Gears of War, Mass Effect 3 and Unreal Tournament III.

Here’s a look at Nosgoth’s trailer:

No word on release platforms other than Pc, or date.

Last Updated: December 19, 2013

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