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Warcraft 3 can now be recreated in Starcraft 2

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Warcraft 3 mods are incoming

For years now Warcraft fans have been hoping for any word about Warcraft 4 from Blizzard. They’re still painfully stringing us along, but at least now some far more talented individuals than I have recreated Warcarft 3 in a far more modern engine. That’s because the official assets for the game have finally been let loose, letting anyone go wild with mods.

The official Warcraft 3 assets have been released for Starcraft 2’s Arcade mode, which is home to some truly outstanding creative mods already. The modding community has begged Blizzard for these assets for years now, as building the game from absolute scratch isn’t impossible, just unbelievably difficult.

The assets contain all hero models for the four primary races, all neutral creature models as well as structures, spell effects and custom user interfaces. All the sounds for ambient music, effects and voices are included too, making it the complete suite of tools for any modder to have a wet dream over. This allows virtually anyone to re-create one of the greatest strategy games of all time in Starcraft 2’s engine – which would be a considerable upgrade. One that Blizzard might be working on as well.

Right now the assets are only available to those in the Public Test Realm, but Blizzard is excited to see what happens when it’s opened up to all and sundry.

“We are so excited to see what our community is going to make that we wanted to give you a head start. Once these assets become available to the public, we are going to spotlight the best content in what we are calling, “Memories of War.” The PTR is your chance to start playing with your new tools and to start making amazing experiences.”

So while the community works on recreating Warcraft 3, how about an update on whether Warcraft 4 will ever be a thing? Throw us a bone Blizzard.

Last Updated: February 3, 2015

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