Warner Bros offering ‘free’ Blu-Rays for your HD-DVD’s

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Maybe it’s all the late nights getting to me but I feel myself becoming increasingly cynical against the big corporations out there and their marketing stunts.

The latest being Warner Bros who have very kindly come out and offered free Blu-Ray replacement movies to all their customers who purchased the HD-DVD versions before Warner Bros dumped HD-DVD.

Now while that may sound nice I see two problems with this offer.

Firstly the offer isn’t entirely free as they are leveraging a $4.95 upgrade fee per disc which may not be much but really you are upgrading year old movies here so it’s not like they are worth much in the first place.

And secondly if you give away all your HD-DVD’s what are you going to use that overpriced HD-DVD peripheral for? That would just make you feel worse about your misguided decision to follow Toshiba in the first place.

But then again if you recently suffered a Xbox 360 meltdown, which is highly likely, you can always go and buy an overpriced Blu-Ray player with gaming abilities from Sony instead.

But if you’re a Wii fan this means nothing to you since you can’t watch movies on your console anyway.

Source: Joystiq

I count 5 companies I was cynical against in one post, I wonder if that’s a new record?

Last Updated: April 23, 2009

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