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Warning – Massive The Last of Us Part II spoilers may have leaked online

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The thirst! It is real! Much like Jessie’s crush on Cloud in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Naughty Dog’s biggest acolytes are sending very VERY obvious signals about their lust for a sequel that was on its way towards a store shelf before…the Happening (Which is what I’m labelling the Coronavirus with from now on).

With a May 29 release date originally locked in, Sony and Naughty Dog decided to delay the sequel once again until the world was safer from…the Happening. After all, you want your fans to be totally not dead, right? Right! Somehow, content for the sequel has leaked online, spoiling massive story-pivotal sections of the game.

Sony is currently on the case, having gone full Bravestarr with the eyes of the hawk (HAWK! HAWK! HAWK…), issuing takedown notices on YouTube whenever new spoiler-loaded footage pops up. I’m NOT linking to any of those videos on any platform out of respect to Naughty Dog and Sony, but I’ve had a look at one of them and judging by the production quality, they look pretty legit to me.

What is online though, contains absolutely massive plot points and story beats. I’d highly recommend avoiding the Last of Us Part II Reddit in particular, which is currently crawling with new threads that have spoilers right in the title. You’ve waited this long for a follow-up to one of the most beloved video games of the 2010s.

What’s a few more months, for some narrative delayed gratification?

Last Updated: April 27, 2020


  1. SagatatiaRZA

    April 27, 2020 at 09:26

    People who post spoilers are special. No, not the good kind of special, the one where they have to remove all the forks from your house.


  2. Pieter Kruger

    April 27, 2020 at 09:12

    Spoiler, the horse dies…..maybe…..


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